Monte Cervino Topo


Take footpath 13 north from Cervinia to Rifugio lo Rionde (Duca degli Abruzzi)(3h);
Continue up footpath 13 to Croce Carrel (1h);
Walk up footpath to gully at Ghiacciaio del Pic Tyndall (45m);
Scramble up gully (PD 15m);
Walk steeply up footpath to Colle de Leone, altitude 3500 metres (2h);
Walk more steeply (two short climbing pitches have fixed ropes in place) up path to Rifugio Carrel and the older Rifugio Amedeo di Savoia, 3835 m (1.5h);
Climb the ridge (various fixed ropes in place) to Pic Tindall, 4241 m, and then via the summit ladder to summit, 4478 m (6h).


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