What Makes Projects Succeed?
IT managers' Top 10 Tips from the Chaos report of The Standish Group

What Makes Projects Fail?
IT managers' Top 10 Tips from Computer Weekly 8 Apr 1999

User involvement Relying on early releases of software or operating systems for critical components
Executive management support Relying on sub-contractors outside your control for critical components
Clear statement of requirements Lack of contingency planning for software upgrades, sickness and late deliveries
Proper planning Allowing contractors to change or avoid their specifications
Realistic expectations Failing to identify and pursue the critical path
Small project milestones Making key appointments on political grounds
Competent, open-minded, solution-oriented staff Project managers who want to be liked
Ownership Bad communications
Clear business vision and objectives Lack of authoritative user buy-in
Hard-working focused staff Lack of systematic monitoring and chasing of delays and slips